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Healthcare Infrastructure & Assets

Omnia’s Global Medical Directory brings you Healthcare Infrastructure & Assets. Explore a large collection of products by category including healthcare design/architecture, stretcher beds, and many more.  You have the ability to learn about the companies that specialize in healthcare infrastructure and assets, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.

Vertical Headwall

Vertical Headwall (Power Column)

Horizontal Headwall

Horizontal Headwall

Bed Head Unit

Bed Head Unit

Male Adapters ENV Type

ENV (European) Fittings / Probes

DIN Probes

DIN (German) Fittings / Probes

Ohio Adapters

Diamond Adapters

Portable Suction Pump

Portable Suction Pump

Vacuum Trolley

Vacuum Trolley

Vacuum Regulator Venturi type

Vacuum Regulator - Venturi Type

Suction unit

Suction Unit

Vacuum Regulator - Pediatric

Vacuum Regulators - Pediatric

Oxygen Flowmeter with shut-off valve

Flow meter with Shut-off Valve & Auxiliary Outlet

COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit

Maximum Arm

Maximum Custom Arm Solutions for OEM Applications

Carelite LED in patient room

Carelite LED Task Light

Cadolto, Germany

Hybrid OR







Mobile Patient Isolation Rooms

Mobile Patient Isolation Rooms/ Wards

Artificial Intelligence to increase productivity and radiologist's convenience at work.


Medical Transcription to shorten the diagnostic report delivery time.

Medical Transcription

Smart cloud-based solution for radiology.


A large MOSYS-ISO shelving system: one of many possible combinations

MOSYS-ISO shelving

Emergency Field Hospital

Emergency Field Hospital

swing radiation shielded door linear accelerator bunker oncology shielding

Swing radiation shielded door

sliding radiation shielded door linear accelerator bunker shielding

Sliding radiation shielded door

Lubricated Reciprocating Vacuum Pump

VITAE 40 -Emergency and Trasport Ventilator

VITAE 40 -Emergency and Trasport Ventilator

VisMed-3D Patient Safety Kiosk

VisMed-3D - Patient Identity and Services Kiosk

The eKuore pro app enables the auscultation to be recorded in your smarthpone and its evolution to be compared.

Electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro


Insulation Monitoring Devices

Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMDs)

Residual Current Monitoring

Residual Current Monitoring (RCM)

2HP Dental Compressor with Enclosure - DA2000-25VM

1.5 HP Dental Compressor - DA1500-40VF

Oxygen Generator - up to 95% oxygen purity

NIV mask

NIV Face Mask (non-vented)

circuit and chamber with warmer

Ventilation Heated Wire Circuit (Adult & Neonate)

MK Series

MK Series


ATICS Automatic Changeover Device

Medical IT power systems (IPS)

Medical IT power systems (IPS)

Oil Free Scroll Compressor Unit - Class 0 air, the cleanest solution in the market

Manifold - Available in NFPA and HTM standard

Shut Off Valve - Available in NFPA and HTM standard

JIS Outlet - Available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum, Nitrous oxide

Puritan Bennet Outlet - Available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum, Nitrous oxide

Ohmeda Outlet - Available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum, Nitrous oxide


CleanO3mat - Automatic disinfection of sanitary rooms

Samson Lumbo Sacral Support Towel, Lumbo Sacral Belt, Back Support, Back Brace, Back Belt, Sacral Belt

Samson Lumbo Sacral Belt(Towel)-(S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL)