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Cadolto, Germany
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Hybrid OR

Hybrid operating rooms required flexible and compact solutions to facilitate the integration of medical technology and medical teams.

Smart planning, medical technology integration... and design!

Designing modern hospitals, especially when integrating catheter laboratory with a conventional OR mean creating a new, very complex environment that brings advanced medical technology and multidisciplinary professionals together. As hospitals tend to perform more surgeries and surgical teams spend more time in the operating rooms, the importance of having the right technology and increased workflow in the OR is growing rapidly.

We always keep in mind that hybrid cath labs may hold up to eight professionals at the same time, so the interior should facilitate communication and harmony. One of our customers, the Polish-American Cardiosurgery Clinics, wished to have a hybrid OR with a panoramic view of the city. The window can be shaded, but it can also be unscreened to let in some daylight. There were a number of projects including custom design glass panels with motifs inspired by nature. The philosophy is clear - everyone wants to work in a beautiful environment. Our design team thoroughly cooperates with the investor and with medical engineers, suggests room colors and any decorative elements that will fit the interior.

The so-called HEALING ENVIRONMENT is nothing but an interior that is advantageous to our senses, where lighting, colors, and nature-inspired topics harmonize. Custom design glass panels also optically enlarge the room and facilitate concentration. ALVO MEDICAL built a first cath lab with glass and laminated wood cladding for the German company CADOLTO FERTIGGEBÄUDE GMBH & CO. KG. The architect’s idea was to accentuate the aesthetics of the interior, which are often overlooked or dominated by high-end equipment in the room. Glass and wood are natural materials and both have a positive impact on people’s moods. This is why this hybrid OR, apart from being professionally equipped, makes a strong visual and aesthetic impression.

Now that surgery is getting less invasive and more advanced, clinical image is becoming increasingly crucial to interventions. Modern operating rooms, such as hybrid cath labs require flexible and compact solutions that facilitate the integration of all medical technology in order to ensure optimal collaboration among surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and other medical staff.