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Healthcare Infrastructure & Assets

Omnia’s Global Medical Directory brings you Healthcare Infrastructure & Assets. Explore a large collection of products by category including healthcare design/architecture, stretcher beds, and many more.  You have the ability to learn about the companies that specialize in healthcare infrastructure and assets, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.



Conturo bedside cabinet by Stiegelmeyer

Conturo bedside cabinet

Combino bedside cabinet by Stiegelmeyer

Combino bedside cabinet

SCHMITZ varimed ISO trolley

SCHMITZ varimed® ISO trolleys

SCHMITZ Cleaning shuttle for DIAMOND OR table

SCHMITZ Cleaning shuttle for DIAMOND® OR table

SCHMITZ Universal Leg plate

NEW: SCHMITZ Universal Leg plate

Picking station on wheels to be used by a standing operator. With bins on overbridge, 2x 600mm FH-Drawers, 4x 400mm FH-Drawers.

Picking and workstations

CT40-S clean linen cabinet with top railing for containment of objects. this also serves as push handle

Clean linen cabinets

An operator in a nursing home removes an OTTAVIO therapy dispenser from a weekly patient specific tray, carried by a PRECISO therapy distribution trolley

Medication management

CSOP Mayo table used by a nurse in a medical cabinet at a hospital

Operating room equipment

A MOSYS shelving on wheels and a MOSYS service trolley

MOSYS shelves and trolleys

PRECISO TRS 180 cm transport column in a hospital room. One rolling shutter is closed, one is partially open

PRECISO TRS transport columns

Blue PRECISO anaesthesia trolley in an operating room

PRECISO multifunction trolleys

A nurse operates an IT capable hospital trolley: the eWork Cart can be customized with all sorts of devices, screens and accessories

eWork Cart

Oxygen bottles and alternatives

MobiScan House

X-Ray Waste Container

HIT-512: 11.6" all-in-one information terminal for healthcare and iServices

USM-500: Professional Mini Tower/Standalone Medical Computer with Intel 8th Generation Processor

AMiS-850 Medication Cart



incinerator manufacturer

medical waste incinerator 400 kg per day

medical hospital waste incinerator

Medical waste incinerator 100 kg a day

Puritan Bennet Outlet

Puritan Bennet Outlet

Chemetron Probe

Chemetron Adapter

Dual Y Outlet Adapter | Outlet Duplicator

Dual Y Outlet Adapter (Outlet Duplicator)

Hose Assemblies for Medical Gas

Hose Assemblies for Medical Gas

NIST (European) Fittings (Probes)

NIST (European) Fittings

DISS Fittings

DISS Fittings

Puritan Probes/Fittings (Male Adapters)

Puritan Probes/Fittings (Male Adapters)

BS Male Adapters (Fittings/Probes)

BS Male Adapters (Fittings)

Medical Gas Control Panel

Medical Gas Control Panel

AGSS Inlet

Gas Scavenging Inlet (AGSS)

ENV 737-6 Terminal Unit Panel Mounted

ENV 737-6 Terminal Units (Medical Gas Outlets)

Diamond Type Medical Gas Outlet

Diamond Type Medical Gas Outlet

Zone Valve Box with pull-out removable window

Zone Valve Box

Medical  Shut-off Valve

Medical Shut-off Valve

Double Arm Pendant with Built-in LED Treatment Light

Double Arm Pendant with Built-in LED Treatment Light

Light Duty Arms (Suspended Arm System for Monitors)

Light Duty Arms (Suspended Arm System for Monitors)

 Bridge with Pendant Consoles

Bridge with Pendant Consoles

Power Bridge (Suspendent Bridge Supply System)

Power Bridge (Suspendent Bridge Supply System)

Endoscopic Pendant (Single Overhead Suspension System)

Endoscopic Pendant (Single Overhead Suspension System)

OT (OR) Pendant

ICU Pendants (Booms)

ICU Pendants

DISS medical gas outlet (Exposed)

DISS Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Outlet

German Standard Mdical Gas Outlet (DIN 13260-2)

Change-over System

Change Over System

Manifold system

Manifold System

Medical Gas Alarm Panel

Medical Gas Alarm System

Vertical Headwall

Vertical Headwall (Power Column)