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IT Systems / Solutions

Visionflex Telehealth Cart

Telehealth Cart

Visionflex Telehealth Mobile Kit

Telehealth Mobile Kit

Visionflex ProEX Mobile in persons hand

ProEX Mobile

Visionflex ProEx Desktop

ProEX Desktop

vidan2 mobile Full HD video colposcope

NEW: vidan®2 – The mobile Full HD video colposcope



Nursing Control Station

USM-501: Professional Mini Tower/Standalone Medical Computer with Intel 9th Generation Processor

A nurse operates an IT capable hospital trolley: the eWork Cart can be customized with all sorts of devices, screens and accessories

eWork Cart

MIT-W102: 10" Medical-Grade Tablet supports Windows and Linux for Variety Healthcare Applications

AMiS-22 Telehealth Suitcase

Visionflex Telehealth Cabinet with ProEX Desktop

Telehealth Cabinet

GEIS General Examination Camera

GEIS General Examination Camera HD

Batiste Original 200ml

BESA Statistics

Real-Time Location System

Visitor Thermal Screening

HIT-W183: Innovative 18.5" Healthcare/Hospitality Information Terminal

Medical Tablet PC - AIM Series

AIM-58: 10" Purpose-Built for Healthcare

POC-W243: 24" Widescreen Medical Grade Computer

HIT-507: a 7”medical-grade healthcare information terminal aimed at offering equipment builders an easily integrated HMI for rapid product development

AMiS-72 Telehealth Cart

POC-624: High-Performance Point-of-Care Terminal for Diverse Healthcare Applications

HIT-512: 11.6" all-in-one information terminal for healthcare and iServices

USM-500: Professional Mini Tower/Standalone Medical Computer with Intel 8th Generation Processor

AMiS-850 Medication Cart

Medical PC - POC Series




Endoscopic Video Camera ECONT-2002.4

Endoscopic Video Camera ECONT-2002.4 Ultra HD (4K)

Endoscopic Video System ECONT 2301.1

Endoscopic Video System ECONT 2301.1 1CMOS FHD+LED+DVR

miLab™ (Micro-Intelligent Laboratory)

Artificial Intelligence to increase productivity and radiologist's convenience at work.


Medical Transcription to shorten the diagnostic report delivery time.

Medical Transcription

Smart cloud-based solution for radiology.


ALVO Integra lite

ALVO Integra lite

VITAE 40 -Emergency and Trasport Ventilator

VITAE 40 -Emergency and Trasport Ventilator

GeneSystems© Cloud-based bioinformatics platform for clinical diagnosis and genetic research




UR-X, DICOM HD video- and single picture recorder

UR-X, DICOM HD-Video-Recorder

VisMed-3D Patient Safety Kiosk

VisMed-3D - Patient Identity and Services Kiosk

The eKuore pro app enables the auscultation to be recorded in your smarthpone and its evolution to be compared.

Electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro

Bittium Cardiac Navigator

Health from Finland

Digital Learning

Revolve - Software House

Software development for health-care

Access Mount Solution For COmputer mounting

ACcess Mount Solutions