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VisMed-3D Patient Safety Kiosk
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VisMed-3D - Patient Identity and Services Kiosk

Build the healthcare facility of the future

Improve check-in, wayfinding, staff operations

Provide a superior experience, increase your operational efficiencies

Automate check-in procedures, reduce wait

By placing an AT&T Check-in kiosk in your main lobby or entrance, patients can immediately begin their check-in process without staff assistance.

Empower your facilities with the ability to provide next-gen patient care and exceptional service


Self-service check-in and scheduling - Reliable queue tracking can help reduce your patients’ wait times and staff hours associated with routine check-in processing.

Biometric authentication - You can equip your kiosks with biometric authentication features, like facial or fingerprint scanning.

Wayfinding and navigational assistance - A single kiosk can display a map and provide contextual directions, and a network of kiosks can be configured to guide users to their destinations.

Patient tracking - Kiosks can print radio frequency identification (RFID) bracelets to enable patient tracking and serve as easily accessible “help request” stations.

Payment processing - Patients can make highly secure payments at the kiosk for rendered services.


Streamline identity authentication

You can equip your kiosks with biometric authentication features, like facial or fingerprint scanning, helping your staff quickly deliver care. 

Intuitive wayfinding for easy navigation

Offer patients and visitors easy navigation throughout your facility without them having to rely on employees for directions.

Track patients, S.O.S. location services

Quickly find wandering or disoriented patients.

Self-serve scheduling, payment processing

With EMR integration, patients can use kiosks to review an appointment schedule, select an appointment time, and enter the required preliminary records.

Offer transportation services

Integrate rideshare and transportation services into your check-in and check-out processes to further improve the patient experience.