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Zona Industriale 11
39011 Lana BZ

Francehopital is a French-Italian company that can look back at more than 70 years of commitment and investment in research and design of hospital trolleys and logistics solutions, combining creativity and technological innovation in developing its products.

Francehopital’s products are 100% Made in Italy. This means that all materials are made in Italy, all products are assembled in our logistics centre / warehouse in the Province of Brescia, Italy and from there shipped worldwide. And all products are created, designed and engineered in Italy.

Francehopital is exporting all over the world, in more than 80 Countries.

Francehopital has a rich and varied production, depending on functionality: from trolleys for personalized medication distribution to those for linen change in the wards; trolleys for operating rooms, for practices, for emergency rooms.


Exhibited At: 
ABS plastic and extruded aluminium service trolley with 2 shelves

PI-NERO Service Trolley

Picking station on wheels to be used by a standing operator. With bins on overbridge, 2x 600mm FH-Drawers, 4x 400mm FH-Drawers.

Picking and workstations

CT40-S clean linen cabinet with top railing for containment of objects. this also serves as push handle

Clean linen cabinets

An operator in a nursing home removes an OTTAVIO therapy dispenser from a weekly patient specific tray, carried by a PRECISO therapy distribution trolley

Medication management

CSOP Mayo table used by a nurse in a medical cabinet at a hospital

Operating room equipment

A MOSYS shelving on wheels and a MOSYS service trolley

MOSYS shelves and trolleys

PRECISO TRS 180 cm transport column in a hospital room. One rolling shutter is closed, one is partially open

PRECISO TRS transport columns

Blue PRECISO anaesthesia trolley in an operating room

PRECISO multifunction trolleys

A nurse operates an IT capable hospital trolley: the eWork Cart can be customized with all sorts of devices, screens and accessories

eWork Cart

A large MOSYS-ISO shelving system: one of many possible combinations

MOSYS-ISO shelving

An operator in a nursing home pushes a CB20 bag holder trolley for dirty linen. with an ESSENTIAL patient hygiene trolley in the background.

ISEO for laundry management

Essential: a patient hygiene and linen trolley for hospitals and nursing homes

ESSENTIAL linen trolleys

A PRESTO Large multirole hospital trolley in a corridor. The trolley has 4 600mm drawers, lateral tilt-out bins and an accessorized overbridge

PRESTO multirole trolleys

PERSOLIFE emergency trolley, or crash cart, in a hospital corridor

PERSOLIFE Emergency Trolleys