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Health from Finland

Surgery planning solution utilizing VR technology. SurgeryVision shows surgeons stereoscopic 3D models of the MRI or CT scan slices, and lets them plan surgical procedures directly in SurgeryVision. The solution eases planning by helping surgeons understand complex anatomical structures. By showing the surgery plan during procedures, it also reduces surgical failures.

Arctic Biomaterials Ltd.
Biore­sorbable composite materials for medical applications, including ultra-strong glass fiber composites for even load-bearing indications. The manufacturing is done in an ISO Class 7 clean room with capability for injection molding, extrusion, compression molding, CNC machining and unique new manufacturing methods for composites.

Technology for air decontamination for hospitals, laboratories and other cleanrooms.  The Genano Technology® has several advantages compared to the traditional filtration systems. It collects even the most dangerous ultra-fine particles, eliminates all microbes from the air including viruses, bacteria and fungi and absorbs gases and odours.

Layette pregnancy mobile app offers services for progressive maternity. The app features all the necessary advice empowering individuals to take control of their own and their children’s health outcome. Parents can get a wide range of tailored information and tips on pregnancy and children, all the way up to the age of three. This includes nutrition, explanations of early signs and symptoms of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

VitalSignum Oy
The company focuses on offering ECG remote monitoring solutions for diagnosing heart arrhythmias.  Beat2Phone is a novel wearable ECG solution that can be worn around the clock and is designed for both individuals and healthcare professionals. Beat2Phone is an ideal diagnostic tool for primary care clinicians, cardiologists, neurologists and elderly home care professionals. Beat2Phone enables better preventive monitoring and observation of cardiac symptoms leading to cost and time savings in healthcare and a healthier life for patients.

VTT provides innovation services to international customers in both the private and the public sector. These services may include contract research, technology licensing or participation in joint research projects. In the healthcare domain, VTT’s overall objective is to contribute to affordable and high-quality care through health innova­tions in preventive healthcare, predictive diagnostics and care, as well as healthcare process optimization.

Secapp is a critical communications company striving to capture people’s attention to save lives, reduce damages and keep operations running effortlessly.  The company offers a platform to alert, dispatch and inform individuals and masses in seconds, secure chat and video calls for coordinating activities securely and handle checklists, registries and attachments for documenting activities.