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DevraSorb Advance foam Dressing

DevraSorb Advance Foam Dressing


NewGel+ for Scar Management

NewGel+ UV for Scar Management plus SPF 30

Omnitest® 5 test strips

Omnitest® 5 test strips

Junior paediatric cot

LIGHT LEGS GEL (+12 years)


vein stripper

Skins Enhance Pills

Skins Enhance Supplement

Skins Enhance Cream

Skins Enhance Cream

Skins Natural Delay 30ml Spray

Skins Natural Delay

Skins Delay Medical 15ml Spray

Skins Delay Medical

Powerect Natural

Powerect Natural

Powerect Benzocaine

Powerect Medical

Powerect 20ml Tube

Skins Silicone Lube Superslide

Skins Lube Superslide

DENTOSPON : Absorbable haemostatic gelatin sponge with colloidal silver




600ml Nephrostomy Drainage Bag

600ml Nephrostomy Drainage Bag

Teddyy Baby Diaper Premium Tape

Teddyy Baby Diaper Premium Tape

SNUGGY Baby Premium Diaper Tape

SNUGGY Baby Premium Diaper Tape

SNUGGY Baby Premium Diaper Pants

SNUGGY Baby Premium Diaper Pants

Skins Fruity water-based Lube Watermelon

Skins Fruity Lube Refreshing Watermelon

Skins water-based Lube Strawberry

Skins Fruity Lube Sensual Succulent Strawberry

Skins Fruity water-based Lube Mango & Passionfruit

Skins Fruity Lube Juicy Mango & Passionfruit

Skins Lube Excite water-based

Skins Lube Excite

Skins Lube Aqua water-based

Skins Lube Aqua

circuit and chamber with warmer

Ventilation Heated Wire Circuit (Adult & Neonate)

Surearly Digital Pregnancy Test

[OTC] Surearly Digital Pregnancy Test

Surearly Digital Ovulation Test

[OTC] Surearly Digital Ovulation Test

Surearly Fit

[OTC] Surearly Fit hCG&LH Test (NEW midstream)

Surearly Early Sign Pregnancy Test

[OTC] Surearly Early Sign Pregnancy test


Oral Care kit

Oral Care kit

Oral Swab

Suction Swab

Suction Toothbrush

VER-FIX two – piece phototherapy eye protectors

VER-FIX one – piece phototherapy eye protectors

PRO-GLOV protection glove

EASY-FIX set of universal tapes

TORA-FIX one-piece holder of the IBP transducers

NANO-FIX fixation for Pulse Oximeter Sensors

LIMB-HOLDER immobilizer

Healus Wound Gel

Healus Wound Gel

IV-SPLINT immobilisation splint

IGO-FIX two-piece endotracheal tube holder

IGO-FIX one-piece endotracheal tube holder