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Robert Clamp

IV Infusion Robert Clamp

Fluid Dispensing Connector

Burette chamber

Microbore extension set

Omnitest® 5 test strips

Omnitest® 5 test strips

Junior paediatric cot

Anesthetic Face Mask

Female Luer Lock Connectors FLL01

IV Female Luer Lock Connectors

Male Luer Lock Connectors MLL02

IV Male Luer Lock Connectors

Slide Clamp

IV Infusion Slide Clamp

Roller Clamp RC101-B

IV Roller Clamp

Light-resistant Y-injection site with handle

Y-injection site

Temper evident cap

Combi stopper

Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition

Enteral feeding bag set

Veterinary extension set

Veterinary set

Burette set 150ml

Burette set 100ml

Blood transfusion set with long drip chamber

Chemotherapy extension set

IV liquid filter extension set

Flow regulator extension set

Stopcock extension set

Needle free extension set

Invasive blood pressure transduce

Pump infusion set

air flow stop infusion set

infusion set with flow regulator

infusion set with three way stopcock

infusion set with needle free

Product features:    1) BQ Manufactured Precision Filter      Double Layer & six vents ensure flow rate > 300ml/10min for 0.2um  2) Non-Pyrogenic,  DEHP-Free, Latex-Free   3) Clear printing

Infusion set with precision filter

Infusion set with precision filter

Chemotherapy infusion set

back check valve

Back check valve

IV Infusion Flow Regulator

IV Flow Regulator

Adult 0.2um Liquid filter Luer Lock Transparent

Iv Liquid Filter

3 way stopcock

3 Way Stopcock

Y port Needle Free Valve for Luer Lock/for Tube

Needle Free Valve

Vial Adapter wilth Needle Free Valve

Vial Adapter




LIGHT LEGS GEL (+12 years)


vein stripper

Skins Enhance Pills

Skins Enhance Supplement

Skins Enhance Cream

Skins Enhance Cream

Skins Natural Delay 30ml Spray

Skins Natural Delay