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Skins Sexual Health Ltd

Uni 5, Woodland Court, Burnel Drive
Newark Notts
NG24 2AG
United Kingdom

Skins Sexual Health are award-winning manufacturers of innovative sexual wellness and intimate care products. With an ever-evolving range of cutting-edge products, Skins Sexual Health is a holistic brand for all your customers sexual needs and desires.  

Sex is a fundamental part of everyone’s physical and emotional wellbeing. At Skins Sexual Health we believe that a safe, healthy and rewarding sex life should be everyone’s right. Our promise is to empower people with the information, innovation and inspiration they need to realise their sexual aspirations and to give people the confidence to enjoy better sex and all the positive health benefits that brings. 

Launching in 2006 as proud suppliers of condoms to the UK National Health Service, Skins Sexual Health was born out of a desire to change the perception of contraception by lovingly designing the ultimate condom that people would be happy to buy, proud to carry and enjoy wearing – enter Skins Condoms. 

Skins Sexual Health has now grown to offer a complete portfolio of the very best in sexual wellness consumables and intimate health care products. The most recent NPD in 2020 provides support for even broader sexual wellness demands with the launch of a range of high-quality water-based and silicone-based lubricants featuring our cutting-edge, ReAquav8 technology and six natural and medicated ‘Delay’ gels and sprays. 

With over 10 years empowering intimacy and introducing unique and innovative NPD solutions to the market at affordable prices, Skins represents an opportunity for pharmacies to make sexual health accessible to a wider market and drive new footfall to their stores with a differentiated brand that has a strong value proposition. 

  • Premium protection at an affordable price
  • Better consumer price offer
  • Higher percentage margin to retailers
  • Higher cash margin to retailers
  • Pack sizes offer greater value for money with each pack containing more condoms than the equivalent product from the market leader

For those distributors and pharmacies buying into the Skins Sexual Health brand they will have access to regular, unique sexual health innovation in 2020.


Exhibited At: 
Skins Enhance Pills

Skins Enhance Supplement

Skins Enhance Cream

Skins Enhance Cream

Skins Natural Delay 30ml Spray

Skins Natural Delay

Skins Delay Medical 15ml Spray

Skins Delay Medical

Powerect Natural

Powerect Natural

Powerect Benzocaine

Powerect Medical

Powerect 20ml Tube

Skins Silicone Lube Superslide

Skins Lube Superslide

Skins Fruity water-based Lube Watermelon

Skins Fruity Lube Refreshing Watermelon

Skins water-based Lube Strawberry

Skins Fruity Lube Sensual Succulent Strawberry

Skins Fruity water-based Lube Mango & Passionfruit

Skins Fruity Lube Juicy Mango & Passionfruit

Skins Lube Excite water-based

Skins Lube Excite

Skins Lube Aqua water-based

Skins Lube Aqua

Skins Banana Condoms

Skins Strawberry Condoms

Skins Mint Condoms

Powerect 5ml Foil

Powerect 5ml Foil

Powerect 48ml Pump


Poweract Food Supplement

Skins Vibrating Ring