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Sistemas Genomicos S.L

Parque Tecnológico de Paterna R. Guillermo Marconi, 6
46980 Paterna Valencia
+34 961 366 150

ASCIRES Sistemas Genómicos is the first major Spanish firm to specialise in genetic sequencing with almost two decades of experience in the field of molecular biology and genetics, with specialisation in techniques aimed at the fields of healthcare, food and agriculture and research.

Sistemas Genómicos is a pioneering company in the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for genetic diagnosis. It has a long history in reproductive genetics through
different techniques developed specifically for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, infertility and analysis to detect carrier status.
Accredited and certified by the strictest quality controls (ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO17025, ISO15189 and CLIA), Sistemas Genómicos offers solutions for implementing and
standardising genetic diagnosis based on NGS, giving professionals the necessary tools to complete the diagnostic process quickly and efficiently.

Sistemas Genómicos is the genomics and genetics division of the ASCIRES group, a biomedical group with over 40 years of experience in precision diagnosis using specialisation and bringing together two cutting-edge areas: diagnostic imaging and genetic diagnosis.  

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AGRI-FOOD RESEARCH Biotechnology for molecular characterization in agri-food production

Agri-Food Research

SG EXOME - Exome analysis is based on the massive sequencing of the coding regions of the genome


GeneSystems© Cloud-based bioinformatics platform for clinical diagnosis and genetic research


Sistemas Genómicos has developed the Exome-GeneSGKit® line for the study of the complete exome by analyzing up to 21,000 genes.



MyeloidNeoplasm-GeneSGKit ®



Preimplantation Genetic Testing


NIPT (Prenatal Screening)



Precon-GeneSGKit® is a key tool in establishing the carrier status of future parents for certain diseases of known genetic basis.