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Suction unit
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Suction Unit

Silbermann's Suction Unit provides the means to drain substances out of the patient’s body during medical procedures.

This unit consists of a vacuum regulator 0-760 mmHg (or 0-200 mmHg for nursery),
Polysulphon trap bottle, 2 liter polycarbonate collecting bottle with stainless steel basket and connecting tubes between bottles.

The suction unit can be connected to the vacuum source on the wall either using direct probe or via rail mounting system.

Assembly - Suction Unit

The suction unit consists of:
          ■  Vacuum Regulator with probe
          ■  Polysolphone overlow safety trap bottle (P.N - 4034000)
          ■  2 liter polycarbonate collecting bottle (P.N - 4053000)*
          ■  Collecting jar stainless steel holder (P.N - 4000253)
          ■  1 meter P.V.C Vacuum hose (P.N - 2118100)
          ■  2 meter P.V.C Vacuum hose (P.N - 2118200)

Suction unit can be supplied rail mounted or direct mounted.
 * Optional - 2 liter polysolphone collecting bottle

Silbermann’s Quality Management System

           ■  EN ISO 13485-2016
           ■  ISO 9001-2015
           ■  CE marked