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Connectors & Tubes

VBM ScalpelCric - Surgical Cricothyrotomy Kit

ScalpelCric - Surgical Cricothyrotomy - Scalpel technique

Chemetron Probe

Chemetron Adapter

Dual Y Outlet Adapter | Outlet Duplicator

Dual Y Outlet Adapter (Outlet Duplicator)

Hose Assemblies for Medical Gas

Hose Assemblies for Medical Gas

NIST (European) Fittings (Probes)

NIST (European) Fittings

DISS Fittings

DISS Fittings

Puritan Probes/Fittings (Male Adapters)

Puritan Probes/Fittings (Male Adapters)

BS Male Adapters (Fittings/Probes)

BS Male Adapters (Fittings)

Diamond Type Medical Gas Outlet

Diamond Type Medical Gas Outlet

DISS medical gas outlet (Exposed)

DISS Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Outlet

German Standard Mdical Gas Outlet (DIN 13260-2)

Bed Head Unit

Bed Head Unit

Male Adapters ENV Type

ENV (European) Fittings / Probes

DIN Probes

DIN (German) Fittings / Probes

Ohio Adapters

Diamond Adapters

Vacuum Regulator Venturi type

Vacuum Regulator - Venturi Type

Suction unit

Suction Unit


Nebulizer / Reusable

Oxygen Flowmeter with shut-off valve

Flow meter with Shut-off Valve & Auxiliary Outlet

Dial Flowmeter

Dial Flowmeter

Oxygen Humidifier

Humidifier / Reusable

Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen Regulator (Pin Indexed yoke inlet)

Vacuum Regulators

Vacuum Regulator

GaleMed Bubble CPAP

GaleMed Bubble CPAP

Cannula + Regulator

Oxygen/Sleep Accessories

image describing AquaVENT® VT Technology

AquaVENT VT® – Vapour Transition Circuitry

NIV mask

NIV Face Mask (non-vented)

CPAP mask

CPAP Face Mask (vented)

circuit and chamber with warmer

Ventilation Heated Wire Circuit (Adult & Neonate)

Hemostasis Valve Set

UBREATH Spirometer System PF280

T.L.F Cuff Inflator

T.L.F Cuff Inflator w/ Digital Pressure Manometer

SpiroQuant A


AIR/O2 Blender

AIR/OXGEN BLENDER, High Flow & Low Flow


Non-Mercury Stand-Alone BP Monitor DM-3000

NIBP+SpO2 Combo Handheld Monitor

NIBP+SpO2 Combo Handheld Monitor WB-100

Bluetooth Pusle Oximeter

Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter with Smartphone Application BO-750BT

LEAD-free O2 Sensor

Lead-free O2 Sensor

O2 Analyzer/Monitor

Oxygen Analyzer & Monitor

Venturi Mask, Venturi Mask Manufacturer, Venturi Mask Suppliers, Venturi Mask Exporters, Ventilator Circuit, Laryngeal Mask Airway, Endotracheal Tube Re-inforced

Venturi Mask

Nebulizer Mask, Nebulizer Mask Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier - Angiplast Pvt Ltd

Nebulizer Mask for Adult and Child


Medical Hose

Medical Hoses


Endotracheal Tube

Reinforced Tracheal Tube Cuffed

Reinforced Tracheal Tube Cuffed

O2 Cannula + Fits-All Connector

ETCO2 Cannula + Fits-All Connector

Venturi Mask and Tubing

Venturi Mask and Tubing

Oxygen Venturi Valves

Oxygen Venturi Valves

Ambulance Pipeline System, O2 Assembled - Twin Terminal Unit