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Oxygen Flowmeter with shut-off valve
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Flow meter with Shut-off Valve & Auxiliary Outlet

In critical care units where resuscitation activities require usage of Ambu with instant oxygen supply, SILBERMANN’s switch-off valve provides the ideal solution.
The oxygen switch shut off valve is used with an AMBU bag connected to an auxiliary valve.
When the bag is lifted from the lever arm the Instant flow valve opens and provides oxygen at a flow rate of 25 liter/min.
When bag is returned to arm the flow stops immediately.
The flowmeter is independent and can be operated regardless the position of the lever arm.

Features & Benefits

  ■  Instant Oxygen supply via swith-off valve when Ambo lever released
  ■  Variable flow rates available through auxiliary valve
  ■  Available with either adult (0-15 LPM) or nursery (0-7 LPM) flowmeters
  ■  Both flowmeter types with Oxygen DISS male outlet
  ■  Flowmeter tubes include non-linear scale enabling a more clear & accurate operation in the working range
  ■  Different probes available
  ■  Reliable, accurate and easy to use
  ■  Non erasable laser engraved product info
  ■  Rail mounted type includes: 1 meter plastic medical tubing, universal clamp and probe

Technical Data

  ■  Main Materials:
      ■  Flowmeter body: Anodized Aluminum*
      ■  Flowmeter Cover: Transparent non breakable polycarbonate
      ■  Measuring tube: Transparent non-breakable polycarbonate
      ■  Switch off valve: Anodized Aluminum 
  ■  Auxiliary Flow rate: 25, 13 or 6 LPM**
  ■  Auxiliary Outlet: Nipple gland Features & Benefits
* Brass available on special request
** Flow rates of 6 LPM & 13 LPM available with 0-7 LPM flowmeters

Silbermann’s Quality Management System

  ■  EN ISO 13485-2016
  ■  ISO 9001-2015
  ■  CE marked