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Dual Y Outlet Adapter | Outlet Duplicator Rail Mounted Dual Y Outlet Adapter | Outlet Duplicator DIN Dual Y Outlet Adapter | DIN Outlet Duplicator
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Dual Y Outlet Adapter (Outlet Duplicator)

The Duplicators provide the means to double the medical gas outlet infrastructure.
This gives a solution to these common issues:
    ■  Exceeding the ward’s patient capacity
    ■  A need for the usage of several devices which require the same
        medical gas outlet

Features & Benefits:

    ■  Efficient- Doubles the medical gas outlet infrastructure with minimum cost
    ■  Portable- Easily moved between stations to provide the medical necessities
    ■  Flexibility- Two different outlets for multiple treatments
    ■  Rail mounted duplicators include 1 meter flexible medical tubing and probe,
        and a universal rail clamp