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Zone Valve Box with pull-out removable windowZone Valve Box with Aluminum door
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Zone Valve Box

General Speciications

    ■  Zone valve box shall be Silbermann series
    ■  Each recessed/exposed zone valve shall consist of
        a steel valve box constructed of 1.5 mm steel sheet,
        complete with a backed enamel inish RAL 9016, which
        can house single or multiple shut-off ball valves with the
        tube extensions
    ■  Valves shall be a 3-piece forged brass and a 4 bolt design,
        bronze or brass body, stem, ball bolts and nuts shall be
        made of stainless steel , double seal, full port union balltype,
        with Telon (RPTFE) seats and Viton seals, with a pressure rating
        of 4080 kPa (600 psi) or 40.8 bars
    ■  Valves shall be operated by a lever-type handle requiring anly a
        quarter turn from a fully opened to a fully closed position.
        All valves shall be equipped with type “K” washed and degreased
        copper pipe stub extensions of suficient length to protrude
        beyond the sides of the box
    ■  All pipe stub extensions shall be supplied with suitable plugs or
        caps to prevent contamination of the assembly prior to installation
    ■  Each valve shall be supplied with a medical gas identiication label
    ■  Valves shall be available with or without line pressure gauges,
        as required. Gauges, shall be 50 mm diameter
    ■  Pressure gauges shall read 0-1100 kPa (0-11 bar) for all gauges
        except Nitrogen, which shall read 0-2500 kPa (0-25 bar), and
        Vacuum, which shall read 0-100 kPa (0-760 mmHg)
    ■  There are two front options: an aluminum door or a
        pull-out removable window.