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Change-over System
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Change Over System

The SILBERMANN LEO-MN Manifold incorporates the basic necessities for
distribution and monitoring of gas throughout a facility. 

This automatic changeover unit is designed for continuous supply of gas at
the pressure of up to 16 bars (higher outlet pressure upon customer request)
and includes a mechanism which switches the supply from the "in service"
bank to a "reserve" supply bank, when the "in service" bank is empty.


■  The SILBERMANN Automatic changeover
     unit is designed for continuous supply of gas
     at a pressure of up to 8 bars (higher outlet
     pressure upon customer request).

■  The panel includes a mechanism which
     switches the supply from the “in service”
     bank to a “reserve” supply bank, when the
     “in service” bank is empty. After rotating the
     lever and replacing the empty bank
     cylinders, the previous “in service” becomes
     the “reserve” bank for the next operation.

■  The panel is equiped with two manually
    operated shut-off valves (in case of
    malfunction), mid range gauge, line pressure
    regulators w/bypass valves, all mounted on
    a white baked painted steel panel.