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Omnia’s Global Medical Directory brings you an array of laboratory products to fit your needs. Explore laboratory products including analyzers, coagulators, and many more. In this directory, you can learn about the companies that specialize in laboratory products, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are interested in most.

BONAVERA Hematology Reagents

Octa 1 Plus

Turbicon Plus

Dengue Combipack (NS1 & IgG/IgM)

Typhoid IgM/IgG

Syphilis (Card & Strips)

Malaria PF/PV (Antigen / Antibody)

HbA1c Direct with Calibrator

Microalbumin Turbilatex

CRP Turbilatex

ASO Turbilatex

RF Turbilatex

ExiStation™ 48


Awareness Technology® Announces Reagent Products from Quest International and Dexall®Biomedical Labs

Stat Fax® 4700 Microstrip Reader

Stat Fax® 2200 - Microplate Incubator + Shaker

ReQuest® Immunoassay kits

Dri-Dye® Check Strips

Stat Fax® 2600 Microplate Washer

LumiStat® Microstrip Luminometer

LuMate® Microplate Luminometer

ChemWell® Automated EIA and Chemistry Analyzer

Redi-Check® Photometer Check Set

Stat Fax® 4500 Chemistry Analyzer

Stat Fax® 3300 Chemistry Analyzer

Automated Chemistry & Turbidimetric Analyzer - ChemWell®-T

ChemWell® 2902 Automated Chemistry Analyzer

ChemWell® 2910 Automated EIA and Chemistry Analyzer

Automatic Processor - AP BLOT ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP22 ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP22 IF BLOT ELITE

Automatic Processor - APE ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP16 IF BLOT ELITE

Readers and Washers - PLATE WASHER

Readers and Washers - STRIP READER

Readers and Washers - PLATE READER

Photometer - ANALYZER 90

Photometer - HB Analyzer Plus

Bilirubinometers - NEO-BIL Plus

Automatic Processor - APE IF ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP22 IF ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP32 IF ELITE

Tuberculin PPD

CRP Latex

ASO Latex

RF Latex

RPR Flocculation

Febrile (Widal Tube Test)

Stained Salmonella (Widal Slide Test)