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Automated ELISA Platform

This platform carries on the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for allergy and autoantibody detection. The platform is fully automated for sample dilution, sample addition, incubation, washing, result interpretation, and report generation. The special dual-probe design enables separated addition of patient samples from reagents, and double-column washing greatly minimizes the background. The automation and capability of co-running Allergy and Autoimmunity testing make this platform a great option for clinical immunology laboratories.

Technical Data

  1. Capacity: 4 or 6 plates/run
  2. Throughput: 112 tests/hour, 336 samples at the start of the run
  3. Sample Loader: 2 needles enables independent sample loading
  4. Washer: 16 needles, two columns washing simultaneously

Features and Benefits

  1. Sample Module: Dual-Probe for independent sample addition;
  2. Incubation Module: Capable for four microplates; Room temperature to 50 °C;
  3. Incubation: independent temperature sensing detection, independent and even temperature control, oscillation, and light-tight incubation;
  4. Washing Module: Double-column wash procedure, efficient and fast;
  5. Time to result: 3 hours for 4 microplates per run;
  6. Throughput: 8 microplates per shift (2 runs);
  7. Scale up: Models available for higher throughput up to 12 microplates per run.