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Rm1002, Ace High-End 6th
Beotkkot-ro 234, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08513, South Korea
South Korea
+82 2 852 7982

LaMeditech Co., Ltd has been developing and supplying specialized laser devices based on laser miniaturization technology to ensure that people and animals are able to live long and healthy lives. 

Our innovative laser lancing devices have improved the traditional needle lancet by minimizing pain and erasing the risk of cross-contamination. Our laser lancing devices can be used for various capillary blood tests and be applied to various POCT applications. 

Our laser and cosmetic devices are highly competitive in both convenience and price and are better suited for both individual and hospital uses.

Through continuous research and development, LaMeditech commits to become a global top expertise company for everyone. 



HandyRay-Pro (LMT-5000)

HandyRay (LMT-3000)