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Omnia’s Global Medical Directory brings you an array of laboratory products to fit your needs. Explore laboratory products including analyzers, coagulators, and many more. In this directory, you can learn about the companies that specialize in laboratory products, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are interested in most.

 Q800R2 - 2  generation DNA and  Chromatin shearing system

QSONICA - Q800R2 - 2nd Generation DNA and Chromatin shearing system

Fragment Analyzer Automated CE System

AATI - Fragment Analyzer Automated CE System

elastopor IV


Table Type Centrifuge

Table Type Centrifuge

Pre-Analytical Automation Solution - FE500pro™

Instant Pipetting™

Freedom EVOlyzer®

Dispensehead Cassettes - D300E DIGITAL DISPENSER


Liquid handling reagent troughs

ProfiBlot™ 48


HydroFlex™ microplate washer for 96-well format

Microplate Reader - Spark®

Laboratory automation software

Laboratory Automation Solution for Genomic Workflows

Laboratory automation solution for compound management

Laboratory automation solution for cell-based assays

Liquid handling tips - Pipettes

Small Equipment for Labs

Cryo.s™ and Biobanking Tubes

Serological Pipettes

Multipurpose Containers / Beakers

Petri Dishes

Immunology / HLA


Cell Culture Products

Urine Collection

Accessories Capillary Blood Collection

Safety Products Capillary Blood Collection

MiniCollect® Blood Collection Tubes

MiniCollect® Capillary Blood Collection System NEW

Capillary Blood Collection

Venous Blood Collection

PCR test-system analysis and diagnosis

MPL-01 mobile PCR laboratory set

PCR cabinet

Thermostat "Termite"

Thermostat "Gnom" (programmable)

Elf Power Supply-8

Multichannel thermocycler

Fluorescent PCR detector "Gene"

Fluorescent PCR detector "Gene 4"

DTlite Real-Time PCR System

DTprime Real-time Detection Thermal Cycler

Vchem Smart - Semi auto biochemistry analyzer

ExiPrep™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

ExiPrep™ Dx NA extraction kit

AccuPower® Real-Time PCR Kit

ExiStation™ 48A