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SMART M LG 980nm 30W - Laryngology (E.N.T.)


SURGISPON - Absorbable Gelatin hemostat Sponge

Hemostatic  Haemostatic  Hemostat  Haemostat  Gelatin  Powder

SURGISPON - Absorbable Hemostatic powder

Surgi-PVA - Nasal & Ear pack PVA Sponges

Gelatin Sponge Dial

Gelatin Sponge (70mm x 50mm x 10mm)

Gelatin Sponge Gynec

Gelatin Sponge Nasal

Gelatin Sponge Strip

Gelatin Sponge Streifen

Gelatin Sponge Dental

Anatomical Nasal Dressing (PVA Dressings/Sponge )

Larynx Wand

Suction Hemostasis Wand

Nasal Hemostasis Wand

Turbinate Wand

Advance Adenoid Wand

Advance Tonsil Wand

Osseous Coaglator System

Laryngeal Umbrella keel

Heat/Moisture Exchanger (HME)

Myringotomy kit

Coarse Diamond Burs

Fine Diamond Burs

Stainless Steel Burs

Tungsten Carbide

Rosen Inserter

Micro Alligator Ear Forceps

Myringotomy Knife

Ear Specula

Cerumen Hook

jobson Horne probe - oval

Jobson Horne Probe - Round

Suction tube for Sinus Disposable

Suction tube for Throat Disposable

Curved Sinus Blades

Straight Sinus Blades

Tilleys's Nasal Dressings Forceps

Stapes Prosthesis Handling Forceps

Stapes Prosthesis Crimping Forceps