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Eon Meditech Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No. 12, Gurukrupa Society,
Opp. Utran Arogya Kendra, Utran Road,
Surat Gujarat 394105
  • EON Meditech Pvt Ltd is a premier organization from Gujarat, India devoted to the development and manufacture of Surgical Implants and Instruments. At present, the company focuses on the ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) space and has achieved tremendous success in developing ENT Implants/Prostheses and Instruments. Even in ENT, the primary concentration has been on Otology as “Hearing Loss” was found to be the most common disability both in India and across the World. 
  • In Otology, EON has the privilege of being the “FIRST” in India to develop Titanium Middle Ear Implants Or Prostheses and related instruments for complex Micro Ear surgery like Tympanoplasty, Stapedioplasty, Myringoplasty, Ossiculoplasty, Stapedectomy, etc. 
  • We have the honor of introducing ourselves as one of the FIRST and the ONLY manufacturing house for following products categories. 
  1. ENT Implants(Otology Implants) (Total Prosthesis(TORP), Partial Prosthesis(PORP), Stapes Implants(Piston both Titanium & Teflon))
  2. Ear Grommet/ Ventilation Tube(Pressure Equalization Tube) (All type with/without wire, Material: Titanium, Teflon, Silicon)
  3. Rhinology Products (Internal Splints, External Splints, Septal Button, Silicone Block, etc.)
  4. PVA Dressing Packs. (Ear Wick, Ear Pack, Nasal Pack, Sinus Pack, Anatomical Pack)
  5. Ear Instruments (Cutter, Sizer, Crimping Forceps, Dressing Forceps, Suction Tube for Nose/Ear Disposable /Reusable, Suction Tube for Throat and Sinus Disposable, Myringotomy Kit, ENT Burs, etc)
  6. Laryngology Products. (Laryngectomy Tube/Button, Tracheal T-Tube(Standard, Long, and Extra-Long, Salivery by-pass tube, Accessories)
  7. ENT Plasma Surgery System. (Coaglator System, Wands)
  8. Gelatin Sponges. 
  • EON looks forward to revolutionalizing the ENT space through its innovative products.

Gelatin Sponge (70mm x 50mm x 10mm)

Gelatin Sponge Gynec

Gelatin Sponge Nasal

Gelatin Sponge Strip

Gelatin Sponge Dial

Larynx Wand

Suction Hemostasis Wand

Nasal Hemostasis Wand

Turbinate Wand

Advance Adenoid Wand

Advance Tonsil Wand

Gelatin Sponge Streifen

Gelatin Sponge Dental

Osseous Coaglator System

Laryngeal Umbrella keel

Heat/Moisture Exchanger (HME)

Myringotomy kit

Coarse Diamond Burs

Fine Diamond Burs

Stainless Steel Burs