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Antimicrobial resistance- PBRT 2.0 kit

Veterinary diagnostics – Salmonella Abortusovis Test, Sheep Listeria Test and Avian DNA sexing Test

Wide range of OTC products

ROIVIT, ROIPAR, pH7, C-SEAL, 9-VIT, Cephalosporins ,Broad spectrum antibiotics , General Liquid Injectables, Ophthalmic & Nasal Drops

Campylobacter latex test -M46CE

Campylobacter latex test -M46CE

Primary Antibodies

Primary Antibodies and Elisa Kits

M96-50CE - S-TEST

M96-50CE - S-TEST



Tissue Cassettes

Laboratory ware

Laboratory Disposables / Plastic ware

PathFlow Mononucleosis -M120CE

PathFlow Mononucleosis -M120CE

PathFlow Norovirus -M596CE

PathFlow Norovirus -M596CE

PathFlow RSV -M590CE

PathFlow RSV -M590CE

PathFlow Rotavirus/Adenovirus - M595CE

PathFlow Rotavirus/Adenovirus - M595CE

Pathflow Influenza A&B - M591CE

PathFlow Influenza A&B - M591CE

PathFlow C diff GDH &TOX A/B

PathFlow C diff GDH &Tox A/B - M588CE

Innovative Laboratory plastic ware

Laboratory Innovative Plastic ware

PathFlow H.Pylori

Pathflow H.Pylori - M587CE

Anti-bacterial Body Cleansing Wipes - Bathing Wipes

Small-, Microlitre-, Benchtop-Centrifuges / Incubators

Mini/Midi System

Parasitology concentration systems

Biolife culture media

Culture media for Microbiology


LTS-BMC-Automated Blood Culture System(LTS-BMC60\BMC80\BMC90)

IVD CE Marked Bosphore Hepatitis Real-Time PCR Kits

Bosphore Real-Time PCR Genetic Mutation Tests

Bosphore Meningitis Real-Time PCR Panel Kits

Bosphore Multiplex Real-Time PCR Panel Kits

Bosphore STDs Real-Time PCR Panel Kits

Bosphore Respiratory Pathogens Real-Time PCR Panel Kits

Bosphore CNS Real-Time PCR Panel Kits

Anti-bacterial Perineal Area Cleansing Wipes

Microplate Reader - Spark®

Your Trusted Partner in Diagnostics

Helicobacter Pylori Test Kit (Urease)

Helicobacter Pylori Test Kit (Urease)

ASB270BT | Astell UK

ASB270BT Swiftlock range

ASB300 + Fan Cooling | Astell UK

ASB300 front loading autoclave + Fan Cooling 

Double Door Square Chamber Pass Through Autoclaves | Astell UK

Double Door Square Chamber Pass Through Autoclaves 

63 Litre Top Loading Compact Autoclave | Astell UK

63 Litre Top Loading Compact Autoclave 

33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave | Astell UK

33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave 

120 Litre Sliding Door Front Loading Autoclave | Astell UK

120 Litre Sliding Door Square Chamber Autoclave

Astell sliding front round chamber autoclave

120 - 344 Litre Sliding Front Autoclave