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Dry Chemistry Analyzer



Vitamin D selftest CE1434

Freddy - Gardhen Bilance

Freddy - Emergency cart

SurgiMove® Surgeon chairs - Gardhen Bilance

SurgiMove® Surgeon chairs

qPCR genetic tests for coeliac disease, type I diabetes and lactose intolerance predisposition

Eurospital Genetic Testing in qPCR

Wide range of tests for calprotectin determination


Ready-to-use, highly standardized device for reproducible fecal sampling


The most extensive fecal calprotectin determination rapid test

CalFast NeXT

Fecal analysis for calprotectin, pancreatic elastase, FOB and H. pylori quantitative determination

Eurospital Turbidimetric System for fecal analysis

Systec H-Series 2D Autoclaves

Systec H-Series 2D Double-door autoclaves

Systec H-Series Autoclaves

Systec H-Series large horizontal Autoclaves

Vein Probe Desk (VPims-D)

Vein Probe Desk (VPims-D)

Vein Probe Compact (VPism-C)

Vein Probe Compact (VPism-C)

Vein Probe Alpha (VPism-A)

Vein Probe Alpha (VPism-A)

10lit 5 L Large Oxygen Flow 93% Oxygen-concentrator Machine

concentrador de oxgeno Medicinal 96% medical oxygen concentrator

PaxView® HPV16/18/Others MPCR-ULFA Kit


Oxygen Conentrator /Generador De Oxigeno Uso Medico 10l

Chorus Trio

Chorus Trio


COVID-19 Antigen Test Solution (Lateral Flow/CLIA/CMIA)

1copy™ COVID-19 qPCR Multi Kit

1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit

1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit

Fapon COVID-19 Antigen Test Solution for CLIA

 COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Titer Test Solution offering raw materials and quality controls that apply in sVNT to support the NAbs ELISA & CLIA reagent development

Fapon COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Titer Testing Solution

X-Cite® mini+ direct-couple LED fluorescence illuminator

Excelitas X-Cite® Fluorescence Illuminators

Excelis HDS digital microscope camera

Excelis™ Cameras for Microscopy

EXI-410 inverted microscope

EXI-410 Inverted Microscope Series

EXC-500 with ergo-binocular viewing head

EXC-500 Microscope Series

EXC-400 clinical microscope

EXC-400 Upright Microscope Series

EXS-210 Stereo Microscope Series

EXI-310 inverted microscope

EXI-310 Inverted Microscope

EXC-350 Microscope Series

EXC-120 Microscope Series

3080 Monocular Microscope

3075 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series

3012 Microscope Series