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Paxgenbio Co Ltd

#803-807, Simin-daero, Dongan-gu,
South Korea

PaxGenBio(Bio-company of Peaceful Gene) is a life Molecular diagnostic company that that independently develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of IVD products targetiing infectious diseases and cancers. PaxGenBio applies its proprietary, chimeric technologies that combine techniques for molecular and immune diagnostics. One of its original technologies, MPCR-ULFA that combines multiplex PCR amplification and universal lateral flow assay (ULFA) enables sensitive, specific, fast, affordable and easy nucleic acid tests that are especially appropriate for applications in low resource settings.


The main products, PaxView MPCR-ULFA Kit is screening test kits that capable of checking molecular diagnostic results by DNA hybridization after PCR step with your eyes like rapid test kit.

Currently, we have 5 of CE-IVD marked products like below.

  • PaxView HPV 16/18/Other MPCR-ULFA Kit
  • PaxView HPV 16/18 MPCR-ULFA Kit
  • PaxView TB MPCR-ULFA Kit
  • PaxView HPV 20 Genotyping MPCR-ULFA Kit

And we have many kinds of products to detect other infectious diseases.


The mission of the company is to pursue a world where more people live healty lives in peace by making accurate diagnosis possible. All members are striving for the mission by developing and providing more accurate and affordable molecular diagnostic kits to more people.

PaxGenBio will make best effort to listen to the opinions and valuable advice of our customers and shareholders to make better improvements for further progress and successes.
We sincerely ask for your interest and support.

Exhibited At: 

PaxView® HPV20 Genotyping MPCR-ULFA Kit


PaxView® HPV16/18/Others MPCR-ULFA Kit