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 Suction Tube for Nose Disposable(ENT Instruments)
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Suction Tube for Nose Disposable(ENT Instruments)

Suction Tube for Nose Disposable(Tubo de Sucção para Nariz Descartável​/Tubo de succión para nariz desechable)

  • Suction tubes for Nose are used during Rhinology and evacuates liquid from nasal cavities.

Design Benefits:

  • Very stable suction tube for retraction and suction.
  • The curved angle is specially designed for microscopic examination and surgery.
  • Ideal for precise dissections.
  • Quick connector Suction tip Handle is easy to change during surgery.
  • Disposable and Reusable-Both type of nasal suction tubes are available.
  • Disposable-Reduces unnecessary infection risks.


Suction Tube for Nose Disposable(ENT Instruments)

REF Number                  Specification 
EI1220100               Dia.2.0mmX100.0mm 
EI1220120               Dia.2.0mmX120.0mm 
EI1220140               Dia.2.0mmX140.0mm 

EI1220150               Dia.2.0mmX150.0mm 
EI1220160               Dia.2.0mmX160.0mm 
EI1230100               Dia.3.0mmX100.0mm 
EI1230120               Dia.3.0mmX120.0mm 
EI1230140               Dia.3.0mmX140.0mm 

EI1230150               Dia.3.0mmX150.0mm 
EI1230160               Dia.3.0mmX160.0mm 
EI1235120               Dia.3.5mmX120.0mm 
EI1235140               Dia.3.5mmX140.0mm 
EI1235160               Dia.3.5mmX160.0mm 
EI1240100               Dia.4.0mmX100.0mm 
EI1240120               Dia.4.0mmX120.0mm 
EI1240140               Dia.4.0mmX140.0mm 

EI1240150               Dia.4.0mmX150.0mm 
EI1240160               Dia.4.0mmX160.0mm 
EI1250120               Dia.5.0mmX120.0mm 
EI1250140               Dia.5.0mmX140.0mm 
EI1250160               Dia.5.0mmX160.0mm 

Material: SS and Polyethylene,

Note: All Suction Tubes are also available in Non-sterile.