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Profeta Health

MediCity D6 Boots, Thane Road, Beeston
NG90 6BH
United Kingdom
+44 (0)115 698 9888

Profeta Health manufactures innovative Halal products which bring together both medical science and traditional medicines based on a prophetic approach. Profeta is a UK based Company which has an extensive range of 15 products including an innovative range of ZamVits vitamin oral sprays containing ZamZam water, as well as being customer-focused and formulating familiar essential supplements containing premium grade ingredients.

Our pure, naturally sourced ingredients are free from contaminants and bonded to ensure maximum preservation of potency which is harnessed with modern GMP lab quality methods. Our goal is to become the world leader in developing innovative halal healthcare supplements. To achieve this, we continue to provide the finest quality nutritional supplements at exceptional value for money.


To meet please email [email protected] to arrange a meeting during Arab Health 2019, we'd love to talk to you further about our product range and how we could work together!

Exhibited At: 

Sportvits Whey Protein

Profeta Manuka Honey

Profeta Honeydew Honey

ZamVits Iron Plus ZamZam

Biovits - Women's Optimised Urinary Care

Biovits Super Strength bowel Care (30)

Biovits Colon Cleanse

ProfMan Fertility (30)

Profvits Multivitamin Complex

Profvits Osteo Boost

Profvits Haemo Boost

Profvits Vitamin B Complex Gummies (30 & 60)

ProfWoman - Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies (30 & 60)

Kidvits Immunity Plus Vitamin C Gummies (30 & 60)

Kidvits Vitamin D Gummies (30 & 60)

Kidvits Multivitamin Gummies (30 & 60)

Kidvits Omega 3 Gummies (30 & 60)

Kidvits Vitamin C Gummies (30 & 60)

Kidvits Children’s Osteo Ultra – Vitamin D3 and Calcium (30 & 90)

ProfVits Vitamin C & Rose Hips Capsule (30 & 60)