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Kidvits Children’s Osteo Ultra – Vitamin D3 and Calcium (30 & 90)

Specially formulated for children to help support strong, healthy bones and teeth. Kidvits Children’s Osteo Ultra, with Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc is an easy way to ensure that your growing child has a complete supplement in a chewable tablet form.

Product Information

Kidvits Children’s Osteo Ultra Gummies have been specifically formulated for children aged 4-12 years to support strong, healthy bones and teeth. Kidvits Childrens Osteo Ultra Gummies are easy to take and taste yummy for children. Kidvits Childrens Osteo Ultra Gummies are your family best choice.

Kidvits Children’s Osteo Ultra Gummies contains the D3 form of Vitamin D known as cholecalciferol. It is this form of Vitamin D that is produced by the skin from exposure to sunlight. It also contributes to optimal bone health and normal bone mineralisation. Peak bone mass, obtained during childhood and adolescent growth is known to be of major importance in the maintenance of bones later in life.

Calcium with magnesium contributes to balanced electrolytes and normal muscle function, in addition to the maintenance of normal, healthy teeth and bones.

Each chewable tablet contains the following premium grade nutrients; 3.8 mcg Vitamin D3, 150mg Magnesium, 300mg Calcium and 6mg Zinc. This product is:

  • Specially formulated for use for children aged 4 – 12 years
  • Contains premium grade Vitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium
  • Product quality and purity is lab tested and verified
  • Certified Halal & Vegan
  • Manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Vitamin D3: ‘The sunshine vitamin’

Some children lack exposure to sunlight and therefore do not produce enough vitamin D3 and subsequently, suffer from decreased calcium absorption. The UK Department of Health recommends daily supplements are taken particularly for children who:

  • Aren’t often outdoors.
  • Usually, wear clothes that cover up skin when outdoors.
  • in the UK between October and early March; in these months children generally do not receive enough vitamin D from sunlight.
  • Also, children with darker skin from African, African-Caribbean and South Asian backgrounds may also not get enough vitamin D from sunlight.

Strong, healthy bones and teeth

Kidvits Children’s Osteoultra combines the most effective vitamins and minerals for your child’s growing bones. In addition to the crucial importance of vitamin D3, the formula of these chewable tablets provide your child with ultra bone strength:

  • Calcium is essential to help children’s growing bones and teeth and bone mass. A calcium deficiency could lead to a condition called rickets in children and osteomalacia or osteoporosis in later life. Kidvits Childrens Osteo Ultra Gummies are an excellent choice for each family member.
  • Magnesium is a mineral that ensures the parathyroid glands work efficiently. These glands secrete hormones which are vital for bone health.
  • Zinc assists in the creation of new cells and enzymes which promote bone density and boosts immunity and wound healing.