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Bionime GmbH

Tramstrasse 16
9442 Berneck
+41 71 722 98 41

Bionime Corporation has been dedicated to biotechnology and medical testing in Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) system for more then a decade. The Company patented the featured test strip technology by the integrations of the top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision mechanism for continuously produce high quality products. In 2017, Bionime Corporation introduced IOT solutions for diabetes care services based on the deep integration between hardware and software. The Corporation owns the core software experience in diabetes care and provides comprehensive diabetes CARE solution for diabetic individuals and caregivers.


We pursue the quality of the blood sugar management service like an artisan and satisfy the healthcare needs to achieve the goal of helping people keep the rhythm of life in their hands. We are providing the intelligent information technology that makes blood sugar management easier and simpler, allows better healthcare and efficiency in delivery of care, and raises health awareness to people.

Exhibited At: 
Rightest Care total solution

Rightest CARE Blood Glucose Management

GM700 PRO Professional blood glucose monitoring system

GM700 PRO POCT Point of Care Testing

Blood Glucose Monitoring System

GM720 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Rightest GM700SB Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Rightest GM700SB Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Blood Glucose Monitoring System GM550

GM550 Blood Glucose Monitor