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Rightest Care total solution
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Rightest CARE Blood Glucose Management

“Rightest CARE”, an integrated digital diabetes management platform that connects individual patients and professional caregivers in a simple, smart, precise and cost-efficient way.  

Equipped with 3Q Eco-informatics Service Technology (Qualified Test, Qualified Data and Qualified Delivery), Rightest CARE automatically builds electronic record for every blood glucose measurement from the individual and provides real-time synchronization to every medical institution that authorized by the patient.  It also overcomes the longtime healthcare interoperability obstacle and successfully achieve integration of information exchange between patient-generated data and electronic healthcare data (EHD) with zero-time delay.

Rightest CARE not only sufficiently reduces possibility of any human errors, but also effectively increase the accountability of blood glucose data.  At the same time, it allows multiple medical professionals to coordinate care, communicate clinical information, and deliver quick and safe treatment recommendation in a higher-quality and more personalize approach.  On the patient perspective, it helps chronic disease individuals to better manage disease control and act proactively accordingly.  

In the end,  every stakeholder benefit from Rightest CARE program, it certainly is a multiple win for everyone.