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KKT chillers

Industriestraße 3
95359 Kasendorf

Safe cooling for imaging systems
Rely on the expertise of KKT chillers when it comes to cooling systems for imaging equipment. For over
20 years, chillers made by KKT chillers have been applied to cool highly sensitive imaging systems. Thousands
of these reliable chillers are in use all around the world. The medical coolers are specifically aligned with
individual products and product series of medical equipment manufacturers. The wide range of series-oriented
devices is based on a modular design and can be customized perfectly to meet your requirements. KKT chillers
can also offer turnkey solutions.

Thanks to their individual alignment with your specifications, the chillers of KKT chillers are particularly precise
and reliable. On top of that, the team of engineers and technicians at KKT chillers ensures top quality – from
the project launch to the inspection of chillers at the in-house test facilities and the 24/7 customer support.

Digital data management
What is the water temperature right now? And the water pressure? Your chiller can answer these and other
questions at the push of a button – because it digitally records all the relevant process and control variables.
This means that for the Compact-Line (cBoxX), data can be called up via many different interface protocols
including PROFIBUS, Modbus, DeviceNet, CANopen and PROFINET. This setup also allows reliable and cost-effective
remote facility maintenance.

Include the expertise of KKT chillers
When it comes to highly complex development projects it makes great sense to consider the issue of process
and component cooling early on. To this end, KKT chillers offers “Resident Engineering”: the KKT chillers
engineers will support your development process from the outset, providing you with extensive knowledge in
matters of cooling technology.

Closed cooling cycle
For MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computer tomography) alike, closed-cycle cooling systems
without a tank are a proven solution, as evidenced by the approx. 6,500 chillers by KKT chillers currently in use.

- Total weight approx. 250 kg lower than for open systems with tank.
- No contamination of the cooling water circuit through environmental impacts possible.
- No cleaning effort for tank.
- No evaporation of the refrigerant thanks to completely sealed cooling water circuit.
- Low overflow risk due to small amount of water in the chiller.

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