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Cooling series: Nano-Line


Cooling capacity 1-6 kW

The chillers of the Nano-Line are a simple all-round solutionfor almost every cooling application in the capacity range from 1-6kW.
Whereas the base models with buffer tank and pump can be delivered fast and uncomplicated from the stock, these chillers can also be configured with more options.

  • Cooling of helium refrigeration processes
  • Long operating lifetime due to nano-coated condenser (protection against dust and oil)
  • Simple operation due to micro processor controller unit with fixed value setting or combined control strategy (e.g. depending on machine bed temperature)
  • Individual analysis of single alarms due to 15 terminal SUB-D connector
  • Fast availability without waiting time due to on stock procurement
  • Wide operating range due to bifrequent components (50/60Hz)

MRI Systems need cooling for the magnetic coils as well as for the helium compressor.

Whereas the magnetic coils  need to be cooled during the operation of the MRI only, the helium compressor needs to be cooled permanently– otherwise the magnet looses its helium, which has to be refilled very expensively.Our new MedixX-Chiller represents the right cooling solution for the operation of your MRI.

But what is about the transport time?
What is about the long resting times in the customs?
What is about storage times?

In this case KKT chillers also has the right solution for you!

Our new mobile Nano-Line can be installed easily in almost every environment. It helps your compressor to stay cool and it helps you to save your helium!