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Medical Equipment & Devices

Browse the extensive array of medical devices in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Explore a large collection of products by category including orthopedic devices to bronchoscopes and many more. In this directory, you can learn about the companies that specialize in medical devices, and have the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.

Nasal Septal Button - Standard or Large

Fluoroplastic Stapes Piston

Titanium Stapes Piston with Integrated PTFE Shoe

Clip Stapes Piston

Super Elastic NITINOL-PTFE Vario Piston type Loop

Super Elastic NITINOL Vario Piston type Loop

Super Elastic NITINOL Vario Piston type Loop

Super Tita-PTFE Vario Piston type Loop

Super-Titanium vario piston type loop

Tita-PTFE Vario Piston type Loop

Tita-Prosthesis Piston type Loop

Fluoroplastic Universal Middle Ear prosthesis - Centered

Fluoroplastic Middle Ear Prosthesis - Offset

Fluoroplastic offset Total Prosthesis (TORP)

Fluoroplastic offset Partial Prosthesis (PORP)

Fluoroplastic Total Prosthesis (TORP)

Fluoroplastic Partial Prosthesis (PORP)

TitaHAP Prosthesis type PORP & TORP

Titanium Universal Middle Ear Prosthesis

Tita-prosthesis type Total vario Cask (TORP)

Tita-Prosthesis type Partial Vario campana (PORP)

RemeCure C Section

RemeCure Scar Tummy Tuck

RemeCure Scar Acne

RemeCure Anchor Shape

RemeCure Mastopexy Shape

RemeCure Scar XL 20cm

RemeCure Scar L 15cm

RemeCure Scar M 10cm

RemeCure Scar S 3cm

RemeCure Scar face

Asonor Anti Snoring Spray and Solution

LadyCare Plus

Lady Care Mn8 – Period Relief

Luer lock rotating





CUBIK Dual-fronted bedside cabinets and over-bed table (334500 - 334800)

SCHMITZ Cleaning shuttle for DIAMOND OR table

SCHMITZ Cleaning shuttle for DIAMOND® OR table

Spirobank Oxi

SmartOne Oxi

Libra partner care bed by Stiegelmeyer

Libra partner care bed

Elvido by Stiegelmeyer

Elvido care bed

Evario one by Stiegelmeyer

Evario one hospital bed

SCHMITZ Universal Leg plate

NEW: SCHMITZ Universal Leg plate

Olive Classic Oxygen Concentrator With Three Layers Of Deep Filtration

Olive Oxygen Dual Flow Medical Concentrator With Small Size,Stylish

Olive Oxygen Medical Concentrator With PSA Oxygen-producing method