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Wide range of OTC products

ROIVIT, ROIPAR, pH7, C-SEAL, 9-VIT, Cephalosporins ,Broad spectrum antibiotics , General Liquid Injectables, Ophthalmic & Nasal Drops

Primary Antibodies

Primary Antibodies and Elisa Kits

Laboratory Disposables / Plastic ware

PathFlow C diff GDH &TOX A/B

PathFlow C diff GDH &Tox A/B - M588CE

Biological Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet

Cold Cabinets


Your Trusted Partner in Diagnostics

120 Litre Sliding Door Front Loading Autoclave | Astell UK

120 Litre Sliding Door Square Chamber Autoclave

Astell sliding front round chamber autoclave

120 - 344 Litre Sliding Front Autoclave

33 - 63 Litre Compact Benchtop Duaclave | Astell UK

33 - 63 Litre Compact Benchtop Duaclave

120 - 153 Litre Duaclave Autoclave Range | Astell UK

120 - 153 Litre Duaclave Autoclave Range

Surgical Packs Surgical gown

HPC for Quanti-Tray Test

Quanti-Tray System

Pseudalert 250

EZ DPD Test - DPD dispenser for chlorine testing

Legiolert - For detection of Legionella pneumophila

AllTest 5 Groups products:Women Health, Infectious Disease,Drugs of Abuse,Tumor Markers, Cardiac Marker and many other Rapid Test

The Rapid Immunoassay Tests

Petri Dishes

I4 LED fluorescence microscope

LuminTM LED Objective, the fluorescent light emitting component

Mini VID imaging system

Procalcitonin LiquiColor® Assay

Procalcitonin LiquiColor® Assay



Biosafety Cabinet

BioSafety Cabinet Laminar Air Flow

laboratory Hot Air Drying and sterilization Oven

Laboratory Hot Air Drying and sterilization Oven

Incubator NSbiotec

Laboratory Incubator

Humasis Rapid Test

Anoxomat System

4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

FLM200 Fluorophos ALP Test System

Truenat HIV - Viral Load Assay and Early Infant Diagnosis

Infectious Pathogen

Influenza Virus

Gastroenteric Virus

MFDS Approved Product

ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System

Reagent - MagPurix Total RNA Extraction Kit

Reagent - MagPurix Bacterial DNA Extraction Kit