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Wire and Pin Cutters: Hercules Cutter

gSource wire and pin cutters are crafted from high quality German surgical stainless steel and are available in a variety of end and side cutting patterns and cutting angles for different wire diameters for cutting k-wire, cerclage wire, and Steinmann pins during orthopedic surgery. Since they are crafted from stainless steel, they will not contaminate and ruin other stainless steel instrumentation, unlike the "hardware store" bolt cutters made with inferior metals. Our cutters are designed specifically for the operating room to meet the critical demand of cutting wires, pins, rods, and cable during surgery and are marked with the maximum capacity of the diameter they are intended to cut. Jaws are made from the toughest specially-tempered steel or have tungsten carbide inserts. Some patterns have jaws with replaceable silicone inserts which can help prevent a cut piece of wire from being projected into the air or falling into the wound site. Replacement jaws are available for some pin cutters and some are available with detachable handles to help save space during autoclaving and storage. Many wire and pin cutters have a double action design which delivers power to the cutter and gives the surgeon better control and a smooth and easy cutting action. gSource also offers a cable cutter with angled tungsten carbide jaw which cuts up to 2.0mm braided cable. Select a cutter based on the wire diameter being cut and do not exceed the maximum capacity wire diameter marked on the cutter.

gS 83.7911 Hercules Cutter double action 11", tungsten carbide jaws, silicone inserts, maximum capacity 2.5mm-3.5mm [.098"-.138"]

gS 83.7850 Hercules Cutter double action 5 3/4", TiN tungsten carbide jaws, silicone inserts, maximum capacity 1.6mm [.062"]

gS 83.7870 Hercules Cutter double action 7", TiN tungsten carbide jaws, silicone inserts, maximum capacity 2.2mm [.087"]

gS 83.7900 Hercules Cutter double action 9", TiN tungsten carbide, maximum capacity 3.0mm [.118"]

gS 83.7903 Hercules Cutter double action 9", tungsten carbide jaws, silicone inserts, maximum capacity 3.0mm [.118"] Titanium Alloy pins

gS 83.7880 Hercules Front and Side Cutter double action 7", TC jaws, silicone inserts, maximum capacity 1.6mm [.062"]