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1. The Ergonomic Design for Maximizing Operator's Safety and Convenience.
It is very convenient to operate and control the sterilizer by one touching the graphic designed button easily and able to monitor the cycle progressing in real time on the large color touch screen. The door moves up and down smoothly without any physical force by adopting the automatic vertical sliding system, therefore the large volume sterilizing is much more safe and convenient than the hinged door type. Moreover it has a advantage of saving the required space to install the sterilizer.
The automatic sliding door is divided to the single door type and double door type, the advantage of double door is that the risk of recontamination after sterilization can be removed because the sterilized loads can be taken out in the clean area. The double door type sterilizer is designed to load the items to be sterilized in the chamber through the front door in the loading area and unload items sterilized through the rear door in the clean area in general. The two areas should be separated and blocked completely by the bio-seal device for preventing recontamination after sterilization, and doors are controlled automatically not to be opened at the same time, therefore the front door keeps close during the rear door open or operate in reverse naturally.

2. Various Cycle Program and Self-Diagnosis Function
5 kinds of basic cycle program and 2 kinds of test cycle program(vacuum leak test and air removal performance test) are embedded in the sterilizer, therefore operator can select a proper cycle program conveniently for sterilizing according to the material of item to be sterilized(textile, metal device or instruments, liquid contained in the bottle), packaging type(wrapped or unwrapped) and air removal method(pre-vacuum or gravity). If an error has been occurred during operating, the error code is displayed on the touch screen accompanying an audible alarm and the executing cycle is aborted automatically for safety.

3. Cycle Execution Data Storing and Ubiquitous Function
At least 11 years of cycle execution records are automatically stored on the Flash memory of the control unit. The user can search and check the results of a cycle performed in the past by input the date performed or cycle count number on the touch screen, and print out the record by the built-in panel printer for using as an evidence data of sterilization quality. (optional specification)
Especially the communication program for multi user which supports the ubiquitous function is provided as an optional specification, and all the process informations occurred during operating of the sterilizers being networked are displayed on the client monitors in real time and stored in the memory unit for the history search by the network composed of LAN, DB Server, Client.(optional specification)

4. Preventive Safety Equipments
The preventive devices such as safety valve for releasing over pressure in the chamber, thermostat for preventing overheat of boiler, pressure switch for door interlock, circuit breaker for control circuit etc. are built in the sterilizer, therefore the safety of operators and workplace is guaranteed.

5. Panel Printer of Thermal Printing type
The built-in panel printer prints out the cycle performance record after cycle completing for analysing the results of sterilization, and this record can be used to secure the evidence and traceability for the quality of sterilization afterward.