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Norma Icon-5

Icon-5: A smart, 5-diff solution with cutting edge technology

The Icon-5 is a smart, 5-part differential hematology analyzer that sets new standards in terms of features, functions and style. This iconic laboratory device combines cutting edge technology with a fresh and elegant design. The Icon-5 uses laser based flow cytometry with forward-scattered light detection and volumetric impedance measuring method. It provides a 26-parameter complete blood cell count report that includes RBC and PLT histograms, as wells as a 5-part WBC scattergram.

What makes this device special and innovative is its microfluidics technology that enables reagent consumption to be reduced by approximately 75% compared to other analyzers on the market. Furthermore, the Icon-5 has one of the smallest dimensions (283 x 226 x 333 mm) within its class, which allows it to be used in Emergency Departments, ICUs, private clinics, blood banks, or perhaps even in mobile care units. The Norma Icon-5 is changing the hematology landscape: there is no other analyzer like the Icon.


Highlights and Best Features

  • 5-part differential hematology analyzer that provides a 26-parameter complete blood cell count report
  • Closed sampling mode
  • Possible to measure from capillary samples
  • Laser based forward-scattered light method for the differentiation of white blood cells (WBC), volumetric impedance method for detection of red blood cells (RBC) and photometrical method for the measurement of hemoglobin (HGB) levels
  • Compact size - the smallest hematology analyzer ever manufactured
  • Extremely low reagent consumption - 75% less compare to other analyzers on the market
  • Reagent packs are available for 100 and 400 tests
  • Smallest sample volume processing - 2* 1.4µL processed whole blood
  • 10.1” LCD touch screen – easy to use, straightforward navigation
  • No user maintenance actions needed
  • Remote Access – a convenient online diagnostic tool

You can find more details and specifications on Icon-5's product page.