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i.Mune™ TBNK
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i.Mune™ TBNK

i.Mune™ TBNK* is a quantitative real-time PCR test to determine the percentages and absolute counts of human T-, B- and NK lymphocyte subsets in peripheral whole blood or in blood dried on filter paper.

Allows molecular quantification of:

  • Overall T cells (CD3+)
  • Helper T cells (CD4+)
  • Cytotoxic T cells (CD8+)
  • B cells (CD19+)
  • NK cells (CD16+ CD56dim)

Requires only 40 µl of whole blood or a dried blood spot (DBS) on filter paper.

Quantification of T-/B- and NK lymphocytes can be useful for**:

  • Follow-up and diagnostic evaluation of primary immunodeficiency
  • Monitoring of HIV-positive patients
  • Immune monitoring following immunosuppressive therapy for transplantation, autoimmunity and other immunological conditions4)
  • Assessment of immune reconstitution post hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Early screening of gross quantitative anomalies in lymphocyte subsets in infections and malignancies
  • Absolute quantification of circulating B cells for diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients

*i.Mune TBNK is for research use, only and has not been registered as an IVD product and has not been approved or cleared by a regulatory authority

**The above clinical applications have been established using technologies currently being employed in clinical laboratory routine (e.g. flow cytometry). Epimune has demonstrated equivalence of its epigenetic immune cell quantification method to flow cytometry (in whole blood) and the concordance of epigenetic immune cell quantification between whole blood and dried blood spots1)