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Fluorescence Microarray Scanners
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Fluorescence Microarray Scanners

AGBL offers a complete range of Fluorescence Microarray Scanners that
combine quality and reliability from Innopsys. The InnoScan
Scanner provides users with an open platform capable of scanning many
standard slides including glass, plastic, coated and more. They provide
uniform scanning of high, medium, and low density arrays including protein
The range of scanners offered by Innopsys includes:
 InnoScan 710: Ideal tool for routine microarray use including
          the PGS solution, 24sure and 24sure+ microarray scanning
 InnoScan 710 – IR: Ideal for protein microarray applications
 InnoScan 910: Ideal for high density microarray use
The scanners can be equipped with an autoloader and also come with the
Mapix Software which is an image acquisition and quantification 
software for microarrays. The Innopsys scanners are compatible 
with a range of commercially available microarray slides from
suppliers such as Agilent Technologies, Invitrogen, OGT, PerkinElmer