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COVID-19 Anstart One-Step RT-PCR Enzyme Mix(Lyophilized)

This product contains MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and Hotstart Taq DNA Polymerase with high amplification efficiency and specificity. It omits the electrophoresis procedure after the PCR reaction and greatly improves the detection sensitivity. This product can be widely used for detecting respiratory and digestive tract viruses, such as COVID-19, flu, HFMD, etc. It is also suitable for RNA viruses that originate from animals, such as swine fever.

Product  Features:

◎ Supply in 8-tube strip to enable convenient single-tube reaction and reduce contamination
◎ Available in 8-tube strip or penicillin vial for the needs of different sample sizes
◎ Suitable for various RNA templates and requires no optimization
◎ Convenient storage and transportation with excellent stability
◎ Compatible with different primer probes, including COVID-19, flu, HFMD, etc.