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ATMOS 360° Diagnostics
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ATMOS 360° Diagnostics


In the field of modern ENT medicine, the call for greater process reliability and efficiency is getting louder and louder. ATMOS has responded to this call, and now presents a system solution that contains everything a facility needs for quick, efficient collection of ENT diagnosis results. All the modules can be accessed using a single software interface, and the user can get started straight away – without any delays, interface incompatibilities or restrictions.

One program.
100% diagnosis.

The efficiency of ENT clinics and practices is largely dependent on how easy it is to carry out the various examination procedures required. In order to give doctors and specialists a solution that allows them to cover all the necessary medical angles while also remaining efficient, ATMOS has come up with a program that brings together all the diagnostic devices and modules in the ATMOS® 360° diagnostics range in one place. 

When a probe is removed, the intelligent probe holder “iHandle” automatically launches the corresponding module in the software. This allows the person conducting the examination to focus all their attention on the patient. If the program is integrated into the HIS or the practice’s software system, the patient data will be added to the measurement report automatically. The measurement parameters can be adjusted automatically to suit the demographic patient data. When the probe is replaced in the iHandle after the measurements have been taken, the data export process launches automatically and, if required, the diagnosis software will shut down.