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Welcare Industries Spa

Via Dei Falegnami 7
5018 Orvieto (TR) TR
+39 0763316353

Welcare Industries is a developer and global provider of Medical Devices to prevent and reduce hospital acquired infections.

The Company’s portfolio comprises products for:

  • Prevention of fungal infections, their control, mechanical therapy and reduction. The products are effective in the prevention, treatment and alleviation of irritations, blemishes, eczema and dermatitis related problems. The solutions help to maintain or restore the natural pH of the skin and can be used on healthy as well as fragile, dry or wounded skin.Recommended for patients at risk of bacterial infections due to age, prolonged antimicrobial therapies, and chronic diseases.
  • Initial and maintenance debridement of chronic wounds, in line with the latest recommendations from EWMA.
  • Resolution of skin disorders in patients undergoing chemo and radio therapy.

Welcare’ s products are used in the major hospitals and clinics in European and non-European countries.

Exhibited At: 

UCSol™ Debridement