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101 Rue Vaillant Couturier
93136 Noisy Le Sec

Since 1980, T.M. specializes in the manufacturing of O2 therapy devices (flowmeters and pressure regulators with pre-adjusted flows or ball type; blenders; etc) suction equipment (continuous suction controllers and ejectors: analog or digital; collection jars; etc) and rail & accessories (shelves; trays; etc). With sales of 7.5€ (60% of its business abroad), T.M. is represented by more than 400 distributors in around 100 countries worldwide. Its quality approach which led to the ISO 13485 certifications and to the CE marking of all the products.

Exhibited At: 

Medical Rail and Accessories

Hosepipes for medical fluids

Collection jars & suction liners TM

VENTURI TM2 ejectors

Water manometers - JTM

Vacuum regulators - RVTM3

Other Oxygen-therapy accessories

TM Blowing units

Probes & Rail mounting systems

Hosepipes for medical fluids

TM Flow -Switch & Switch


Blender TM

Pressure regulators - DETREG TM

Flowmeters - DEBSON TM2

Ambulance panels

Pressure regulators - REGSON TM2

Pressure regulators - REGFLOW TM


Flowmeters - RTM3