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Sofemed International

Km 6 route de Tunis
8027 Soliman

Since 1995,SOFEMED design and produce Trauma implants in Stainless Stesl (316LVM) and Titanium. In accordance with ISO 13485 and CE 93/42 Directive, our range include more than 8000 reference covering Orthopedic surgons needs: 

-Nails (Tibia, Femoral, Humerus)

-Plates (LCP & DCP for large, small and mini fragments)

-Peaditric, Wires, staples, bone screws 

-External Fixator

-Spine implants (Lumbar and cervical plates and screws)

-Instrument and sets


Exhibited At: 

LCP clavicale hook plate 3.5mm