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Redax spa

Via Galilei 18
46025 Poggio Rusco MN
+39 0386 830582

Redax - new drainage technologies born of experience.

Redax combines experience and innovation with the ability to portray clinical requirements, through continuous cooperation with physicians, engineers and opinion leaders. At Redax, from product prototype to marketing, nothing is left to chance.

Since 1999, Redax has established itself as a leading medical devices supplier, offering a unique and innovative solution of Drainage Systems based on expertise honed over its 15 years of excellence.

Based on these principles, Redax created a complete and innovative line of Drainage Systems as following:

  • Chest Drains for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery, including wet and dry Systems and auto-transfusion device. US & European Patents.
  • Silicone Wound Drains and Suction Reservoirs for post-op care.
  • Blood Recovery Systems for Orthopedic Procedures.
Exhibited At: 
silicone reservoir, closed drainage system

Silicone reservoire & closed wound systems

portable vacuum unit

Drentech™ Mobile RedLine

Chest system

Drentech™chest drains

percutaneous set drainage

Percutaneous drainage set UNICO™

Silicone fluted drains