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Oscar Boscarol SRL

Via Enzo Ferrari 29
39100 Bolzano BZ
0039 0471 932893

The Oscar Boscarol S.r.l. was named after its founder that, back in 1987, decided he should establish a company based in the town of Bolzano, in the heart of South Tyrol Alps, that might provide specific quality products for emergency and civil protection activities in which field he had been maturing a 20 years experience.

Oscar Boscarol was born in 1954 in Bolzano where he entered the group of Red Cross volunteers at a very young age. He got the qualification for professional nurse, working in the Emergency Room of Bolzano hospital.
After several years spent as a volunteer and collaborator for the Military Section of the Red Cross and aiming to train local inhabitants on emergency skills, Oscar thought it was the time to start a commercial venture aiming to simplify volunteers everyday’s job.

The first trips to Italy and Germany allowed him to import highly technological products, specific for their use on ambulances that, at the time were merely used for patients and wounded people transportation. The first importation of emergency products from companies still unknown in Italy also begun.
The continuous contacts with foreign emergency cultures helped him to understand what was really missing in the field, also because most of the products that was on the market at that time were merely hospital oriented ones and not specifical for the emergency.
He then decided he should undertake the activity of manufacturer by creating the first emergency bag, the Rescue Bag, which is today the most copied bag worldwide of this kind and, later the 3B Medical Suction Unit created together with long time friend and Red Cross colleague from which the family of medical devices has been developing.
At the beginning of the year 2000, together with his wife Elisabeth Ebner, now President, he founded the Oscarol Boscarol srl and kept on acquiring wider and wider working areas and expanding the products range. As a support for project and products design Mr. Daniele Brazzo entered the company, now General Manager.

In the year 2006 the construction of the new building for the current company headquarter started and ended at the beginning of 2009. The new working place, modern and based on eco-sustainability principles, helped improving the working atmosphere thus strengthening its team and encouraging new ideas development.
Meanwhile, Oscar Boscarol got seriously sick and passed away by the end of 2009. 

Oscar Boscarol srl has always encouraged the research for vanguard solutions, with compelling quality that might match the operators needs during emergency activities. This is the main spirit that led our products to become a helping hand and an indispensable support and constant reference for all insiders.
Today the Oscar Boscarol srl is leader worldwide directing to foreign markets half of its production.

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