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Tecnologia 2, nave 7
08780 Palleja Barcelona
34 913 491 868

Our company was founded in 1959 by Joan Boix Boix Lord, for the manufacture of electromedical equipment. The experience gained over the years has enabled our everyday appliances are of higher quality. At present, we export to many countries in the EU and other continents and our desire is to open each day to this activity to provide service and quality. Our biggest goal is to continue to serve for many years to your requests, and that's why we strive to improve our equipment and try to meet and satisfy your needs with the highest possible efficiency.


ORDISI, SA, a company dedicated to the manufacture of electro-medical equipment, backed by an experience of over 40 years in the market. Specializing in two types of products:

With the most complete line of vacuum cleaners in the market.

From scanning lights up lights for small and medium interventions.

Exhibited At: 

L33-38TD - Ceiling with double arm

IGlux PLUS series

IGlux series - Moveable lamp

L21-25TD - Ceiling with double arm

L21-25T - Ceiling Lamp

L21-25R - Moveable Lamp

FLH2110 - Moveable lamp FLH-2

L21-25P - Wall lamp L21-25P

L21-25RE - Moveable lamp with emergency equipment L21-25RE

L21-25R - Moveable Lamp L21-25R

FV-LIP Liposuctions suction pump FV-LIP

FV series SH - Surgical suction pump 90l/min FV series SH

FV series SM - Surgical suction 45l/min FV series SM

ASPIT - Portable suction pump 13,3l/min ASPIT

AP-92 - Portable suction pump 10l/min AP-92

AI-78 - Gastric-Intermittent suction pump AI-78

Wall lamp L33-85P

IGlux 100 series

FLH-2431 - Lamp FLH-2 rail holder with LED bulb FLH-2431

FLH 2335 - Wall lamp FLH-2 model with LED and IR sensor switch FLH-2335