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Mortech Manufacturing

411 N. Aerojet Ave.
Azusa, CA 91702
United States

Mortech Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business that has been providing quality postmortem equipment and instruments to a wide range of facilities since 1985 serving the pathology, autopsy, anatomy, necropsy, veterinary, morgue and mortuary markets.
Mortech Manufacturing is a 'built-to-order' stainless steel manufacturer that is project based with a hard-earned reputation as the market leader.
Mortech Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with NSF certification. We adhere to all LEED Green, UL, and CE standards.
We are proud to be a part of the MADE IN THE USA tradition.

Exhibited At: 

Elevating Pathology Workstation with Downdraft & Backdraft Ventilation

Elevating Pathology Workstation with Backdraft Ventilation

Pathology Workstation

Stationary Cantilever Storage System

Mortuary Rack System with Full Rollers

Hydraulic Cadaver Lift

Portable Cadaver Scissor Lift with Rollers

Hand Crank Cadaver Lift

Two Body Refrigerator

Two Body Side Acting Refrigerator

Four or Six Body Refrigerator

Fifteen Body Refrigerator

Mortuary Walk In Coolers & Refrigerators

Immersion Dissection Table

Dissection Table with Hood

Standard Dissection Platform

Standard Autopsy Table

“L” Shaped Autopsy Table

Stationary Pedestal Autopsy Table

Covered Cadaver Scissor Carrier