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Lockeroom Sports

177 Chesterfield Drive
Bonogin QLD 4213
+410 639 727

Lockeroom Health is a product manufacturer. It was established in 2006 by Cameron Lillicrap, a leading Australian Sports Physiotherapist to help empower people to stay active and productive. 

We understand the mechanics of the human body. We know how bodies are supposed to move normally and we’re experts at fixing them when they don’t.  

We develop recovery solutions to help people regain and maintain efficient pain-free movement. As our name suggests we take our inspiraton from sport and design simple, unique products that give anyone access to the recovery secrets that professional athletes use to stay at the top of their game. 

Our Products 

  • Improve the range of motion of joints and muscles 
  • Help maintain healthy muscle and joint tissue.  
  • Reduce muscle tone (tightness) 
  • Assist people gain better control of joint movement 
  • Keep bodies strong and robust and to withstand physical stress from work, sport and daily living.
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