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3 rue des petits ruisseaux

Lamidey Noury ​​Medical is a French company that designs, manufactures and sells electrosurgical units since 1947. We are also manufacturer of a wide range of unique instruments on the market in the area of vessel sealing and bipolar resection.

Lamidey Noury create and make

With the globalization and standardization, it seems essential to explain the meaning of design, manufacture and market of a product range.

Our range is not a list of imported products from Europe or Asia with a Lamidey-Noury sticker on it. However, thanks to OEM procedures, it’s very easy for any European company to declare itself officially manufacturer of a complete product line, CE marked without participating in any designing and manufacturing process.

This is a fact and I invite you to consult other catalogues of this be called manufacturer, you will notice most of the product are perfectly similar except colours, packaging, name but all remain exactly the same.
I protest against this practice, which is an illusion for the end user and a considerable brake to innovation.
Today, this product range that I propose to you is the one of a developer and a manufacturer on our own machines in 2 plants based in France. We have imagined, conceived, modified and finalized our product in partnership with surgeons.
Nothing extraordinary for a developer and manufacturer; we continue to be at the head of service to surgery and have been since 1947.

What is exceptional is the know-how and expertise that we have developed by manufacturing our products ourselves. This potential allows us to innovate and always offer a different solution than others.

It is thanks to all these efforts that Lamidey Noury can today offer you an innovating and specific range unmatched on the market.

I invite you to try our solutions in electrosurgery, whatever the use of PLASMA EDGE for bipolar resection. Our reusable and cutting vessel sealing forceps THERMOCUT in 5 and 10 mm. Our unique THERMOCISION technology can dissect, seal and cut electrically. Our series of solid-state traditional instruments and units.

Let us work together to be innovative and improve surgery.

Exhibited At: 


SEAL 370 W


Single use plate

Suction unit - Surgical Vaccum 4L

Argon Accessories

Single Use Pencil

Patient Plate Reusable

Monopolar forceps

Bipolar forceps

Monopolar Electrode range

Reusable Monopolar Pencil

Bipolar saline resection - Bipolar Electrode Range

Bipolar saline resection - Bipolar Resectoscope

Vessel sealing forceps - Thermocision

Vessel sealing forceps - Thermocut 10mm

Vessel sealing forceps - Thermocut 10mm

Electrosurgical units - Argon system

Electrosurgical units - Optima

Electrosurgical units - MCB